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Date 2022-10-25

Mass Communication Research  (TSSCI) was ranked the most influential humanistic & social sciences journal ( 1st place in communication category) based on the impact factor evaluated by the National Library of Taiwan in March 2016.

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Mass communication Research began publication on May 20, 1967 as Taiwan's first academic periodical for journalism communication. Since 1999, Mass Communication Research went from a twice-annual to a quarterly publication. It also expanded the diversity of the editorial board and made every effort to cooperate with researchers from other schools. Except for the editor-in-chief, other editorial board members were all researchers invited from other schools.


From the time of its founding, Mass Communication Research has always been Taiwan's most esteemed communication studies periodical and is included in Taiwan Social Sciences Citation Index (TSSCI). Starting from 2004, it also became an indexed periodical in the internationally known Communication Institute for Online Scholarship (CIOS) communication periodical archives.


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