Department of Journalism, NCCU

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About the Department

The National Chengchi University Department of Journalism has a long history. As the most important professional mass communication institution domestically and even for the Chinese community, it provides a superior atmosphere for growth in studies and research and enjoys a top reputation in East Asia as well as internationally.

This Department is the most prestigious department in the Communication College at NCCU, boasting the largest number of faculty members coupled with the student body. Our department has 19 full-time faculty members, half of whom are professors while associate professors and assistant professors account for the other half, all renowned in their academic fields and for their expertise. With the departments of Journalism, Advertising, and Radio & Television, we offer a total of eight academic tracks and provide a complete education system, including undergraduate, graduate and PhD programs in Communication.

The Department was established in 1935, when the news media had little influence on society and the education of journalism had yet to prevail. Now it combines technology, social sciences, humanities and arts to fulfill the mission. Equipped with the newest facilities in Taiwan, all the classrooms in our department are multimedia classrooms. Acknowledging the changing environment, in recent years we offer curriculum nurturing students' expertise of processing news information, with the aim to help students to understand the trend in media as well as to command and practice the creativity required to design and use media. Students graduating from our department number over 6,000, now all working in all walks of life. We have attracted students both inside and outside the island, including foreign students from Japan, Korea, America, Canada and Europe.


The Department' s instructors are specialists in their areas of study and with diverse backgrounds. The current full-time instructors have received PhDs from the communication programs of notable domestic and foreign universities. They have invested long-term efforts in teaching and research and have quite an impact on the journalism and communication field and the academic community. They span the older generation as well as newly-arrived younger instructors, drawing on both heritage and innovation to adapt this period of communication to changing times and new trends.

     “We welcome you to realize your dreams and create the future along with us.”