Department of Journalism, NCCU

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Department of Journalism, NCCU
Tel: +886-2-2939-3091 ext. 67431
Fax: +886-2-2939-3024, +886-2-2939-3830
Address: No. 64, Section 2, Zhinan Road, Wenshan District, Taipei 11605, Taiwan, R.O.C.
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Chair, Department of Journalism
+886-2-2939-3091 ext. 67149
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Administrative Assistant
+886-2-2939-3091 ext. 67431
Administrative Officer (also in charge of undeclared major of year 1 freshman and year 2 sophomore)
+886-2-2939-3091 ext. 67078
College Teaching Assistant (in charge of The University News)
+886-2-2939-3091 ext. 67084
The classrooms and facilities of the Department of Journalism are located three sites, namely Journalism Building, Da Yong Building, and the College of Communication Building.
Journalism Building
The Department’s office and the Chair’s office are located at the second floor (2F) of the Journalism Building. The undergraduate student association of the department is located at the first floor (1F) of the same building.
Da Yong Building
The editing office of The University News, the experimental publication of the Department, as well as the College-level “News and Media Lab” (新聞與媒體實驗室), “ITLab” (數位平台), and “Audio & Video Lab” (影音實驗室) are located at the third floor (3F) of the Da Yong Building. If you need to use computer or information support, you may proceed to enquire at the “Digital Platform.” The study room for master’s students (傳播學院碩士班研究生研究室) is located at the fourth floor (4F) of the Da Yong Building.
College of Communication Building
The research rooms of the Department’s faculty members (教師研究室) are located at the fourth floor (4F) of this building, while the Library of the College of Communication (傳播學院圖書館) is at the third floor (3F), the broadcasting room of the “Voice of NCCU” (政大之聲) is at the basement level 1 (B1), while “The Stage” (劇場) and study room for doctoral students (博士班研究生研究室) is at the second floor (2F).