Department of Journalism, NCCU

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In an effort to support Journalism Department students to undertake degree studies smoothly, Journalism Department offers the following scholarships and financial assistance:


  1. "Journalism Member Aid Funds for Low-income and Emergency Relief" and "Professor Hsieh Ying Chun Memorial Scholarship" are applicable for students who are not in good economic situation or emergency needed circumstances.
  2. In honor of Ms. Hsu Chung-pei, who had contributed to journalism career and set a pattern for Female journalists; meanwhile, aiming to encourage those who plan to devote to journalism field or within a passion of being a professional journalist, Journalism Department respectively establish "Ms. Hsu Zhong Pei Memorial Scholarship" for FEMALE students to apply.
  3. To encourage students who have outstanding performance on journalism portfolios and public service, we set up "Mr. Li Cheng Yu Journalism Portfolio Award" and "Mr. Li Cheng Yu Public Service Award".
 Scholarships offered by external institutions (exclusively reward to individuals who have achieved academic excellence in Journalism Department): "Morning Light Culture Scholarship" and "Hsu Tuan Jiou Scholarship".


"The CTS Education Foundation Scholarship" and "Professor Hsu Mu Lan Scholarship" are applicable for ALL undergraduate students in College of Communication (including Department of Journalism, Advertisement, Radio and Television, and CCUDP).


NCCU Scholarships are administered by Office of Life Guidance and Overseas Chinese Student Advising and Office of International Cooperation.
  1. Students who have achieved academic excellence can apply the scholarships offered by external institutions that are administered by Office of Life Guidance and Overseas Chinese, including "Ambassador Shen Chi Youth Scholarship", "Mr. Chen Kuo Fu Scholarship", "Wu Shun Wen Academic Scholarship", "Pao Scholarship", and "Pan Gong Jhan Scholarship". For further information please check on the website:
  1. To encourage students to pursue short-term study abroad, exchange program, and subsidization for foreign students to study in NCCU, NCCU offers "Scholarship for Outstanding Exchange Students" and "New International Student Scholarship". For further information please check on the website: