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Alumni all over the world are the most precious treasure of our department of Journalism. In 1971, the first organization of Alumnus of Department of Journalism was established in NCCU.

Our department considers the interaction and connection of alumni as an important business, as the committee of student's affairs and alumni connection were founded for elaboration and establishment for contacts with alumni, to enhance the close relationship between our department, media and alumni.

Our department sustains constantly intense interaction with alumni with periodical publications and activities, the increasingly comprehensive website and database of alumni making networking more convenience and frequent. Since 2010, NCCU hosts the alumni day on the Saturday in the middle of May every year, inviting alumni who graduated after 10 years or 30 years, and dozens or even hundreds of people participated every year.

Our alumni spread all over the world, and possess outstanding performance in the industry. Their occupations are diverse, including mainstream media such as newspaper, magazine, radio, television, or Public Relations companies, communication companies or even in other field such as the public sectors or academic field. Some of these alumni are senior leaders in either public or private enterprise, and part of our alumni performs excellently in The Third sector, while others returned to their hometown and became an influential elite.

The list below are our prestigious alumni from various fields. We compiled their names in a Chinese-strokes order. There might be some omissions inevitably, yet it does verify their versatile competences:



Nian-Hua Fang, News anchor of TVBS, currently anchoring 'Focus'
Jie-Ling Wang, Associate Director, TVBS News Department
Si-Duan Lee, Host of PTS's program, Bringing Up Parents
Hui-Ling Liu, Former CTV Anchor, Associate Professor in Graduate Institute of Arts Administration and Management, TNUA
Tian-Yi Lee, Host and producer of SET News program The Borderless World
Yi-Ru Lin, News anchor of TTV's The Evening News
Wen-Hong Huang, Producer of  Award-winning film Ilo Ilo


Li-Xing Wang, Publisher of Commonwealth Publishing Group
Wan-Ru Wang, Former Deputy General Editor of Next Magazine
Ying-Chun Wu, President of Commonwealth Magazine
Wei-Yi LeeFounder of Voices of Photography
Zhen Xia, Editor in Chief of Storm Media
Zuo-Jin Chang, Consultant of UDN
Guo-Ning Xiang, President of UDN
Nian Huang, Publisher of United Evening News
Qing-Long Huang, President of The China Times
Yi-Jian Ye, President of Apple Daily News
Qing-Yan Liu, Picture Book illustrator, the host of  My Reading Bakery (Good TV Channel)
Yun-Jie Liao, Former reporter of Apple Daily News, the author of  monograph Borders: Lone Travels; currently working as an independent reporter of international news
Guo-Jun Luo, President of United Evening News


Mei-Zhen Chu, Former Editorial Director of Business Next magazine; currently working as financial freelancer
Yun Su, General Manager of PChome Online Store


Cheng-Zhi Kong, Chairman of Elite PR Group
Zheng-Yu Li, Superintendent of Yu-Sheng Chinese medicine clinics, Honorary President of Taiwan Chinese-Western Neurology
Medical Association

Si-Yuan Pan, Chairman of Pan Pacific Group


Pu-Tsung King, Former Taiwanese Representative to the USA, former Secretary-General of the National Security Council.
Fong-Shan Wu, Former Member of Control Yuan
Yun Peng, Former Minister of National Communications Commission
Rui-Cheng Zheng, Former Minister of Education
Rong-Ji Zhong, Former Vice President of Legislative Yuan
Yu-Yan Jian, Former Taipei Alderman, currently serves as the minister of Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government


Nian-Tzu Wang, Representative of Da Hao Studio
Duan-Zheng Wang, Chief Executive of Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation
Qing-An Li, Former legislator at the Legislative Yuan
Huai-Ming Lin, Founder and Director of Art at Cloud Gate Theater
Wen-Xiong Huang, Former Director of Amnesty International Taiwan, Former National Policy Advisor, Consultant of Taiwan Association of Human Rights, Chairman of  Peace Time Foundation of Taiwan
Xiong-Ping JiaoDirector of Taiwan Film Institute, Taiwan Film Center


Zong- Xian Yu, Academician in Academia Sinica, Former President of Chung-Hua Institution of Economic Research
Li Zhu, Former Dean of School of Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University, Honorary Chair Professor in College of Communication, NCCUQi Wang, Former Dean of School of Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University
Jin-Quan Li, Honorary Chair Professor in City University of Hong Kong, Chair Professor of Department of Media and Communication, City Univeristy of Hong Kong
Zhen-Yu Kuo, Former Dean of Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Nanyang Technological University
Yu-Fa Chang, Academician in Academia Sinica
Liang-Tsai Wei, Associate Director of Central Office of Administration, Academia  Sinica Researcher in Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica


Shan-Ni Chen, Singer-songwriter
Chin-Ying Tao, Anchor