Department of Journalism, NCCU

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Journalism and Information Track

Objective of the Course Track
The news media is rapidly changing. Traditional mass media organizations are perishing due to the changes in societal structure while Internet-based individual or independent media are emerging. Therefore, journalism is gradually transformed from an institution-centered model towards an individual-centered one. As such, our course design focuses on skills required in both current job market and the meida environment in the near future.
Course Structure
Student taking this course track shall obtain at least 24 credits from the following course list, including two subjects (totaled 6 credits), plus another 18 credits from the Track. A maximum of three subjects (totaled 9 credits) may be taken from the Media and Culture Track.

Conceptual Courses

1. Discourse & Critique
2. Subject & Domain Knowledge

Mass Media

1. Data & Context Contextual 
2. Interpretation

Independent Media




Institutional-relying Model

1. Reporting, Writing and Editing
2. Audio, Video and Visualization
3. Integration & Association

Individual-centered Model

1. Curatorial Capability
2. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Practical Courses

Course List

Year Course Title Credit Required/Elective
3A Experiment on Journalism I (The University News) 3 R
3B Experiment on Journalism II (The University News) 3 R
3, 4 News Photography 3 E
3 Audiovisual News: TV 3 E
3, 4 Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3 E
3, 4 Seminar in Mass Culture: Television Culture 3 E
3, 4 Specialized Reporting: Sports News 3 E
3, 4 Advanced News Reporting and Writing: Gender, Class and Ethnicity 3 E
3, 4 Advanced News Reporting and Writing: Reportage 3 E
3, 4 Advanced Audiovisual News: News Gathering and Production 3 E
3, 4 Advanced Audiovisual News: In-depth Reporting 3 E
3, 4 Advanced TV Production: Documentary 3 E
3, 4 Design Studies: Storytelling 3 E
4 Design Studies: Information Graphics 3 E
4 Design Studies: Magazine Editing 3 E
3, 4 Design Studies: Metaphor and Creativity 3 E
4A Internship 1 E
3, 4 English Reporting and Writing 3 E
3, 4 Communication Strategy and Design 3 E
3, 4 Advanced News Reporting and Writing: Data Journalism 3 E
3A English News Translation 3 E
4A Communication and Management 3 E
4A Operation of Online News Platform 3 E