Department of Journalism, NCCU

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Undergraduate Program

Since 1998, students in the departments of Journalism, Advertising, and Radio & Television take the same modules in the freshman and sophomore years, and the three departments have adopted the "track system" to achieve the goal of sharing teaching resources and integrating knowledge.

To accommodate the digitalization in media industry and the needs of society, the department has focused on traditional journalism and gradually developed a Journalism and Information program. This curriculum provides students with basic communication knowledge and professional skills in the digital media fields.

From 2014 fall semester, College of Communication starts with a new policy, combining the freshman and the sophomore together, enrolling 210 College of Communication's freshmen; they need to declare the major program in the third year. Students who have completed "Journalism and Information Track" or "Media and Culture Track", offered by the department faculty,  will graduate and get the degree from Department of Journalism.

Undergraduate students in the Department of Journalism must complete at least one track within the department while earning a total of 128 credits. Curriculum includes school based courses of 28-32 credits, college based required courses of 18 credits, department based professional courses of 24 credits and elective courses of 54-58 credits.