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Date 2022-10-11

I. The matters are conducted pursuant to the National Chengchi University Short-Term Overseas Studies Subsidy Guidelines and the Implementation Details.


II. Eligibility:

  1. The applicant shall be a student officially enrolled in the National Chengchi University (hereafter referred to as the “NCCU”).

  2. ROC nationals and applicants who have household registration in the ROC shall have priority in the application for the subsidy.

  3. The applicant's foreign language proficiency shall meet the National Chengchi University Language Requirements for Applying for
      Short-Term Overseas Studies Subsidy.

  4. Students with outstanding academic performance (undergraduate students’average grade should rank within top 30% in class)
      are eligible to apply.

  5. Only students who have been nominated by the Office of International Cooperation (hereafter referred to as the “OIC”)
      or their respective colleges or departments for the exchange program, or those who applied to overseas universities by themselves
      and have been granted the admission for Spring Semester 2023 (February to July 2023) may apply for the subsidy.


III. Application Period: from October 12 to 5pm, November 9, 2022.


IV. Required Documents

  1. The application form

  2. Academic transcript(s)

  3. Class Ranking Certificate (only applicable to undergraduate students)

  4. Study plan

  5. The original and a photocopy of the letter of acceptance from the host university
      (The original copy will be returned to the student after review. Students who have not yet received the letter of acceptance
      shall print the admission list with the seal of the issuing office on the list as proof)

  6. A valid foreign language proficiency certificate.
     Applicants who need to submit DELE or TORFL certificates please note that, due to the international situation,
     certificates or transcripts of the courses for these two languages are also accepted.

  7. Other documents beneficial for review


V. Application Procedure:

  1. Complete the application form.

  2. Sign the form and scan the application form along with the required documents and email them to,
      by 5pm, November 9, 2022.


VI. Important reminders:

  1. Students applying for exchange to universities in Mainland China are not eligible to apply for the subsidy.

  2. Proof of language ability: please submit relevant proficiency certificate of the language that will be used as medium of instruction in the host university.
      Additional proficiency certificate (s) for other languages can also be provided.

  3. All applicants should submit the transcript up to the Spring Semester 2022 (inclusive);
      Undergraduate applicants should also include the class ranking certificate up to the Spring Semester 2022.

  4. Students receiving the subsidy shall take and pass a minimum of six (6) credits (or 12 ECTS, European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System)
      each semester (or academic quarter) during the study abroad period.
      They shall still be enrolled in NCCU during that time and pay tuition to NCCU.

  5. Procedures and regulations for course selection abroad and credit transfer can be found on the Office of Academic Affairs’website.
      Relevant processes shall be completed at the student's department or graduate school prior to the departure.

  6. As Covid-19 pandemic has not been alleviated globally, the subsidy does not provide financial subsidies if the country where the student
      intends to enroll does not open its borders and changes to remote online teaching.

  7. Subsidy recipients who are concurrently awarded the financial aid for studying abroad from the Republic of China (“R.O.C.”) government
      or the University shall receive reduced amount of the subsidy, or not be subsidized.
      The reduction standards are as per“National Chengchi University Short-Term Overseas Studies Subsidy Guidelines Implementation Details”


VII. For further inquiriesplease contact Ms. Rita Lee (


VIII. Further Information & Downloads:

‧ Application Form
‧ National Chengchi University Language Requirements for Applying for Short-Term Overseas Studies Subsidy
‧ National Chengchi University Short-Term Overseas Studies Subsidy Guidelines
‧ National Chengchi University Short-Term Overseas Studies Subsidy Guidelines Implementation Details

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